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The fields and woods of Snowslip Farm were originally part of the historic

Lake Placid Club farms, providing agricultural produce and products, riding and horse trails

to families and visitors to our region from the early to late 20th century.

A member of Adirondack Harvest and the Essex County Agricultural District,

Snowslip Farm is dedicated to help restore the tradition of farming in

our community by providing locally grown vegetables, fruits and plants, horse boarding and

farm activities to a new generation of families and visitors in the 21st century.

In addition to field-grown produce, Snowslip Farm has greenhouses

to help extend the 65-day North Country growing season and protect plants

from early to late season Adirondack freezes and summer frosts.

At Snowslip Farm, we are committed to best farming practices and

to growing high quality, pesticide-free local produce for our farm market and customers.

Above, cultivated Snowslip Farm fields in mid-1900s from

Lake Placid Club: Illustrated history 1895-1980 by David H. Ackerman, Lake Placid Education Foundation, 1998